Remember Lustig hot dogs? They were the hot dog sold at area hot dog stands as well as available for purchase at local grocery stores.  They were the staple of John Lustig's Meats, which operated out of Quakertown between 1966 and 2000. Now John Lustig, Jr (Johnnie) has an innovative way for selling hot dogs in Bethlehem. Instead of off the grill or out of a frier, the frankfurters are encased on site, cooked in a smokehouse for two hours, and go directly from there onto your bun. 

 99% of hot dogs are actually cooked twice, first at the meat processor and again at the eatery that serves it up. At Johnnie Lustig's Frankfurters, the frankfurters are "Smoked, Never Grilled".

As a former employee of the US Department of Agriculture, Johnnie Lustig's kitchen is among the cleanest places you can make a frankfurter. The sales counter and walk in customers are separate from the kitchen and smokehouse. However, there is a viewing window for you to observe the operation.

Since the frankfurters and all the other products are made daily, there are no preservatives or nitrates added. All the meat ingredients are fresh, never frozen and all the animals are locally raised. He is so very proud of how he has brought back this product, as well as, the process successfully, he will give you a tour of his processing room. Really.

He has expanded his retail products for you to purchase in bulk.... directly from his deli case which contains his own made frankfurters, bratwurst, roast beef, pulled pork BBQ (in a tangy red sauce), chip steak, chili, bacon.... and HAMBURGER PATTIES.  There are whole deli pickles and white american cheese, as well.

​He really does listen to your feedback/comments and is continuing to meet your requests.

                                                                          Look for those items on your next visit.